Merchant Cash AdvanceThe Funding You Need, When You Need It

Many companies struggle to stay strong in the midst shifting markets, and these struggles often leave growing piles of debt in their wake. All-In-One Commercial Lending believes you should not have to drown yourself in loans just to keep your doors open.

If debt is crushing your business, then consider a merchant cash advance from us. We can purchase a percentage of your future credit card sales and collect that percentage until the debt is repaid. In turn, you get access to funding almost immediately instead of having to wait on approval for a bank loan.

We look at each business individually and you don?t need to process credit cards to Qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance. you can still Qualify by providing with just 3 months of your most recent Bank Statements.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances

Our merchant cash advance plans give you the freedom to grow your business in any way you see fit, whether you want to revitalize your marketing methods or replenish your inventory. Other benefits of our merchant cash advances include:

  • Approval for imperfect credit
  • Approval even if you have been turned down previously
  • No application fees or loss of equity
  • Little paperwork
  • Receive funding quickly
  • No fixed payments
  • Simple payback without collateral
  • Up to $500,000.00 per business location
  • Funding amount of up to 125% of monthly sales

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Even if your business has struggled in the past, All-In-One Commercial Lending can help you get the capital you need to move forward. To learn more, contact one of our representatives today.